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‘One Ring To Rule Them All’

How I Deal With All Things “LEGAL”

Many people have asked me the same question in countless ways as it pertains to them. I’m going to share an overview as to what I do, how I see things and why. The first thing I always ask people to do is to simply BREATHE and contemplate (without template, make it yours) their situation in regards to the simplicities I’m sharing that apply to ALL things LEGAL AND FICTIONAL. One has to become aware of things that, at first glance, are backwards to how they’ve been living their lives up to their own “awakening” point. You CANNOT fix new problems with old ideas; fact. I also want to share a few facts that people are not aware of and how we’ve been commandeered into slavery.
In the simplest of terms, the NAME is not YOU, it is the NAME of the VESSEL you arrived on earth in. The placenta or AFTERBERTH is the VESSEL and the REGISTRATION is the registering of your SHIP, which, etymologically is your “mind”….the ship that we arrive in where YOU are the passenger/manifest cargo/captain…the ship is abandoned at berth….we must reclaim our helm, to regain our captaincy…..in order to find our way out, we have to reclaim our vessel or barque of Ra
Inasmuch as my vessel that I arrived in was DEEMED lost at sea (admiralty/Phoenician) with no accurate forensic evidence within a correct time or space it must now be REDEEMED/REDEMPTION…My Mitochondrial DNA from my mother is the only evidence linking me to that berthing where I was that manifest cargo…I was born in a house that no longer exists but the evidence of that BERTH PORT/PORT OF ENTRY is on and for the public record in the BERTH CERTIFICATE…the owners/SHIPBUILDERS of that VESSEL/VASSAL are now deceased where I am the SOLE HEIR/SOUL AIR to that ship/vessel and must make my claim in the correct time and space….I am the SOLE/SOUL survivor of that vessel where I am considered an orphan lost at sea VIA SHIPWRECK…the Mayans left behind a celestial calendar for verification evidenced in the heavens to locate the space and time in the same way that the ancient mariners/Phoenicians used the stars to steer their ships/vessels…in essence, we have been shanghaied….slavery…..fraud….piracy…etc….
The SHIP is DEEMED to be the PLACENTA and our LEGAL NAME is the name of our ship/vessel, not of ourselves so we must claim the NAME of the ship as our rightful property to regain title to that ship/vessel/mind…the name is the escutcheon on the back of our ships in the same way that the ESCUTCHEON is the covering over the KEYHOLE/QUAY-WHOLE/X-WHOLE OR KEY WHO-EL. As a point of reference, I, Katherine Renee arrived here on board the ship/placenta “WILFRED KEITH THOMPSON” at the quay of 65 Brougham Street, Belfast, Ireland before sunset on the 5th of Tammuz, 5724 where the GREGORIAN CALENDAR DATE of June 15th, 1964 has me appearing and assumed DEAD for 3760 years. Any and all things REGISTERED in that ships NAME is DEEMED to be cargo of that SHIP and because we have not claimed our ships where they have been pirated and shanghaied, all our energy and creation is stolen. Claim the ship’s NAME, end the game, period. Our DNA is STOLEN via deception and non-disclosure of the true facts and is a clear fraud upon humanity by any/all that engage in this piracy and who have sworn oaths/pledges etc. to that effect. The Kol Nidre oath is worthless in that the body of the oath negates the oath itself in its’ own mirror. I am taking back my ship as the one true and only MASTER AND COMMANDER, owner by virtue of my Mitochondrial DNA where no other can LAWFULLY CLAIM that status where my BLOOD is my proof positive of that supreme sovereign position.
People have to see the difference between the living world of common or natural law and dead by consent, corporate fiction legal illusion. One has to see the duality of the courts in both roles they play where COMMERCE / ADMIRALTY is the default position in order to “milk the bonds” of the unsuspecting and why REAL crimes and STATUTE TAXATION can be dealt with in “their” courts. You also have to see that STATUTES are NOT LAWS, they are LEGAL BY-LAWS/STATUTES and are ONLY applicable to the LEGAL NAME SURETY/SHIP’S NAME that is gained through the willful consenting of everyone who uses GOVERNMENT IDENTIFICATION of any kind where it CAN AND WILL be joindered/joined to the BIRTH CERTIFICATE where people unknowingly commit fraud by claiming to be THE LEGAL NAME versus their own living one; there is a HUGE difference, subtle but REAL……
I will show you why any and all use of a LEGAL NAME is assumed and presumed completely by the courts to make you instantly guilty and in THEIR juris-fiction by consent where your ignorance is not and never will be a defense. From here, I will set the stage and the actors upon it. All lawyers and judges play for the same team as MEMBERS OF THE B.A.R. and they get NON-B.A.R. MEMBERS to do their dirty work, in short, they get us to destroy ourselves by getting people to swear oaths to their CORPORATE CROWN FICTIONS and, in effect, sell their souls to the “whore of Babylon” COMMERCE GOD. As a result, all BAR members are “citizens” of the CITY OF LONDON, STATE/ ADMIRALTY “SHIP”/MIND and are foreign AGENTS anywhere outside of that Square Mile country. If you use THEIR legal name (it’s their copyrighted property) you are agreeing fully that THEY are the captain of YOUR ship. Ship, like “hood” or “cy” translates into the word “MIND”, like ment from Latin. In short, they are pirates on the high seas where the BENCH MARKS/SURVEYS have the planet allegorically under about 2 feet of water.
So let me make this crystal clear and you really need to GET this; if you use THEIR LEGAL NAME, you are agreeing to sign on and serve on THEIR ship as crew where the CAPTAIN is MASTER and YOU are a slave on their Row-man Galley; FACT. However, this is a ship you can leave because you have been fraudulently “shanghaied” with the original “sin” with “their” INTENT to deceive via the REGISTERING the placenta/DNA joinder, your SHIP as YOU.. What people do not realize is that it’s the use, any and all use of that legal name that entraps them via their own willful, if ignorant of the truth, consent. Their entire ruse is dependent upon assumption and presumption of the legal name because most everyone uses their ID-entification….The trouble is, once they realize that, it’s only then that they see the magnitude of their involvement at all levels. These guys want you sailing with them as part of their fleet (FLEET STREET ring a bell?) as a ship of the line versus YOU claiming your own ship as the FLAGSHIP it truly is.
All things registered are all things given up by willful consent to the CROWN as part of the CARGO aboard your FRAUDULENTLY SALVAGED SHIP. People are also confused as to what the CROWN really is, and this is because people have been divided and conquered using fake borders and countries and actually believe you need a piece of paper to pass through these illusional walls; pure madness, especially those who are “guarding” these illusions. While you are sailing THEIR ship, you are expected and obligated to follow orders from some pirate ADMIRAL PRIVATEER operating under a LETTER OF MARQUE from the fictitious CROWN and its BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The more things we REGISTER, the more CARGO they lay claim to via this fraud, piracy and theft. A fraud revealed is null and void, nunc pro tunc, tunc pro nunc.

Who Do I Send This To?
1. EVERYONE…..This is about letting everyone know about this fraud upon mankind via the deception of the LEGAL NAME versus your true lawful one.
2. Specifically, as it pertains to anything and all things “LEGAL”, everyone who is party to trying to ENTICE YOU INTO SLAVERY knowingly or unknowingly, all are guilty under COMMON LAW/NATURAL LAW and their own ADMIRALTY/PHOENICIAN LAW. In short, if you are in any/all kind/s of “LEGAL PROCEEDING/S, COLLECTIONS, FORECLOSURES, TICKETS, FINES, BANKING ETC.” these are, in fact, fraudulent inasmuch as those using a FALSE IMPERSONATION/PERSONATION/LEGAL NAME/TITLE/OFFICE etc., they are not acting in good faith and have “unclean hands” via their own knowing/unknowing and are PARTY TO CONSPIRACY/PIRACY/HIJACKING/ENTICEMENT TO SLAVERY of a SUPREME SOVEREIGN.
Do not be fooled; there are two very active JURISDICTIONS going on here and the “system” defaults to ADMIRALTY, LEX MERCHANTORIUM, COMMERCE, and PHOENICIAN FRAUD where they are also in COMMON LAW jurisdiction but they avoid it because it removes ALL ability of the “judge” to command the CORPORATE ship and, in turn, your SHIP/NAME as a secondary ship of the line. A jury has power over the judges and lawyers where they are rendered mute in the same way that we cannot be “heard” in their STATUATORY COMMERCE COURTS because we are deemed “legally dead by consent” for using the DEAD LEGAL NAME/FICTION. Dead men tell no tales, have no rights and are treated as meat and salvage. Every “ruling” ever made in these courts of commerce are pure and utter FRAUD and are all voided accordingly and this is what they are terrified of. The Apostolic Letter removed their immunity rendering ALL courts COMMON LAW.
People still get caught up in the “case by case” drama in the same way that they view movies and TV shows that depict their fraud courts in a “common law” light which is pure tripe. For a more accurate depiction of their corporate fiction, one need look no further than the “judge bows to sovereign” video where the corporate Ba’al priest could not get me to consent to his jurisdiction where I had already claimed common law the instant I set foot in their “church”. His pitiful attempts got even funnier once he realized that the PROOF OF FRAUD INTENT was sitting on his ship; an Apostilled copy of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE from the CITY OF LONDON, STATE. Being born in the former CORPORATE UNITED KINGDOM has its advantages. Remember this; Everything you have ever done using their LEGAL NAME you claimed as yours was done so in FRAUD under a FALSE IMPERSONATION/IMPERSONATION therefore, you do NOT own or have LEGAL claim to anything you have REGISTERED but you do have a lawful claim inasmuch as all things LEGAL are fraud ab initio, ad infinitum, nunc pro tunc, tunc pro nunc. This “judge” could not create the necessary joinder because he could not get me to give the FULL NAME of the VESSEL I arrived here in and one that the pirates acting on behalf of a fictitious CROWN had fraudulently laid claim to. Please remember, the INTENTION of your mother and father was to give you the name you bear where all assumption and presumption of its LEGAL status is, was and will always be the intention of another to commit fraud otherwise. It’s yours lawfully, always was.

I am going to simply ask everyone to shut down their left brain psycho-babble that must figure everything out intellectually and completely misses the spiritual aspects. The left brain chatter is the program, the dis-belief, the debater, the argumentative gimmie gimmie, nanny state mind. I have spent years compiling things into easy to grasp information on my website http://kateofgaia.wordpress.com and countless hours on air explaining this over and over. Please take the time to read the writings on that site completely BEFORE asking a question long ago answered. The biggest problem society has is the “I WANT IT NOW!!!” drive-thru fast truth burger attitude. It took years to program you from the day you were born until now and it may take a few days, weeks or months for this to sink in. The only thing that gets in your way is what I just wrote about society’s biggest problem. The longer you have the ego program in control, the longer it will take you to grasp this.

Where Do I Send This?
1. Everywhere and anywhere living people are thought to be using a FRAUD LEGAL NAME. Any questions?
2. If you are involved in ANYTHING LEGAL, then everywhere that the claiming fraudsters are is where this goes and then some. You must get out of the “my case, me, me, me only” program. This has been and is a planetary issue that involves ALL of humanity and we need to start thinking in these terms lest we remain divided and thus, conquered. Yes, you have a “case” perhaps but the simple truth of the matter is that EVERY SINGLE CASE has one root cause and that is the LEGAL NAME/S be they “persons”, the living personified or business names/titles; they are all one and the same thing LEGALLY FICTITIOUS and FRAUD and all are treated as SHIPS in THEIR NAVY. Keep in mind the NAVEL/NAVAL aspects where the umbilical cord was your original LIFELINE to your ship and when that placenta was stolen, you were cast adrift allegorically. As another example, if you have been mistakenly sent something with a legal name that resembles your lawful one making a LEGAL CLAIM then EVERYONE connected to that sending (including the postal workers) is GUILTY of ENTICEMENT INTO SLAVERY and FRAUD, just for starters so you let EVERYONE of them know that you are FULLY AWARE of that INTENT to attempt to aid and abet you into committing FRAUD, especially all the lawyers, judges, bankers etc. This is their lifeblood that keeps them able to parasite the living. Again; EVERYONE…..EVERYONE……EVERYONE!
A living being CANNOT contract with a dead corporation and why the intensity surrounding the demanding that we GIVE/CONSENT to a LEGAL NAME because it enables pirates to board our ships and plunder our wealth because we are assumed as part of their FLEET without knowing. What I am sharing here is NOT a LEGAL proceeding but rather a LAWFUL one where your position is COMMON LAW/NATURAL LAW, without assumption/presumption being allowed. As previously stated, the courts operate in both capacities BUT default to “DEAD BY CONSENT/SURETY LEGAL COMMERCE/SALVAGE RIGHTS versus lawful living truth. This is the point you really need to get and let sink in otherwise you’ll be trapped in their legal illusion and fleeced accordingly. Remember, the court’s immunity has been removed via the Apostolic Letter and they are TERRIFIED of what I am sharing with you in this document because it makes them lawfully liable for their actions where their layer of CORPORATE PROTECTION has been fully stripped away; the emperor wannabe’s have no clothes. I am going to enclose in this one document EVERYTHING that I and others have been sending to ALL concerned parties and HOW I put these things together and WHY.
Please do not get overwhelmed because if you are, you’re making this far too complicated and such is the basis and nature of what the system has done via schools, religions, media, politics etc. ; Pure left brain ego programming and drama distractions. Contained in this one document are all the pages/information/documents that I use as ONE complete sending/serving to all legal fraudsters. This is NOT a courtroom document, it is servable only to the CLERK outside of the courtroom; if you’re in a courtroom, you’ve already been assumed and presumed legally dead by, of and in that act of entering THEIR juris-fiction without knowing who you are in the grand scheme of things. When dealing with any/all courts ONLY THE CLERK gets served and I mean SERVED. The CLERK is the keeper of the CAPTAINS LOGS and MANIFESTS thus the CABIN BOY….it’s a simple as going to a wicket OUTSIDE of the courtroom, addressing the clerk with the paperwork and the comment “served”…..now walk away, seeds planted.

What and How Do I Send This?
Before you send anything, you MUST be fully aware of what you’re doing in your CAUSAL state. Only YOU know your situation clearly and those involved in your particular scenario/scene. Yes, all the world’s a stage so SET the STAGE. This is where you must THINK for yourself and how all of this information pertains to you because only YOU can enact this.
FACT: Any/All AT-TEMPTS/ TO TEMPT / CON-TEMPT (with tempt) to CREATE JOINDER with YOU, the living SOUL SURVIVOR with ASSUMPTION/PRESUMPTION of SALVAGE/THEFT of your rightful PROPERTY/SHIP/AFTERBIRTH/DNA/RNA is AIDING AND ABETTING INTO FRAUD, ENTICEMENT TO SLAVERY, PIRACY etc. which are ALL CAPITAL OFFENCES against a true living SUPREME SOVEREIGN and master/commander of your ship, period. They, any/all AGENTS of/for/by/in/on/at/with the CROWN KNOW this so it is a WILFULL ACT OF HARM and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.
1. Know your TRUE BERTH DATE regarding the Anno Mundi or Hebrew Calendar as it relates to the Gregorian/Julian DEAD Calendar. Here is a link for converting that where you can no longer be presumed/assumed DEAD/lost at sea…Ye must be born again.
and here is a link to better explain the Anno Mundi (in the year of the world) Calendar

2. Where you arrived is your QUAY/KEY/X marks the spot…think letter of Marque re PRIVATEERING for the CROWN now where “X” Marks the spot. This is your PORT/LEFT/10% MIND of ENTRY. A PASSPORT was NOT required but was MAN-DATED upon the REGISTRATION of your SHIP by your parents. Once the ship was registered, it became part of the FLEET as a ship of the line where your FLAGSHIP status was shipwrecked.
3. There are many documents on my website at http://kateofgaia.wordpress.com where I will be adding on to the “One Stop Truth Dock” which has enough information to let any/all who receive it know your position both literally and allegorically as it pertains to the true spiritual nature of this game/movie.

To be continued……….
[Introduction: communiqué of the Holy See Press Office]

1. Today His Holiness Pope Francis has issued a Motu proprio on criminal law

On this same date, the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State has
adopted the following laws:

– Law No. VIII containing Supplementary Norms on Criminal Law Matters;

– Law No. IX containing Amendments to the Criminal Code and the Criminal
Procedure Code;

– Law No. X containing General Provisions on Administrative Sanctions.

2. The Motu proprio makes the criminal laws adopted by the Pontifical
Commission for Vatican City State applicable also within the Holy See.

3. The criminal laws adopted today are a continuation of the efforts to
update Vatican City State’s legal system, building upon the measures adopted
since 2010 during the pontificate of Benedict XVI.

4. These laws, however, have a broader scope, since they incorporate into
the Vatican legal system the provisions of numerous international
conventions including: the four Geneva Conventions of 1949, on the conduct
of war and war crimes; the 1965 Convention on the elimination of all forms
of racial discrimination; the 1984 Convention against torture and other
cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, the 1989 Convention on
the rights of the child and its optional protocols of 2000.
5. Of particular note in this context is the introduction of the crime of
torture and a broader definition of the category of crimes against minors
(including: the sale of children, child prostitution, the recruitment of
children, sexual violence and sexual acts with children, and the production
and possession of child pornography).

6. A section of the legislation introduces a list of crimes against
humanity, in particular, the crimes of genocide and apartheid, following
broadly the definitions adopted in the 1998 Statute of the International
Criminal Court. The section of the Criminal Code regarding offences
committed in the exercise of public administration has also been revised in
light of the 2003 United Nations Convention against corruption. With regard
to penalties, that of life imprisonment has been abolished and it has been
replaced with a maximum penalty of 30 to 35 years of imprisonment.

7. In line with the most recent developments at the international level, the
new legislation also introduces a system of penalties for juridical persons
who profit from the criminal activities of their constituent bodies or
personnel, establishing their direct liability and providing as penalties a
set of interdictions and pecuniary sanctions.

8. In the area of criminal procedure, the general principles of presumption
of innocence and due process within a reasonable time have been recognized
explicitly, while the power of the judicial authorities to adopt
precautionary measures has been increased by bringing up to date the
provisions for confiscation and the freezing of assets.

9. Also of importance is the modernization of the rather dated norms
governing international judicial cooperation, with the adoption of measures
in line with the standards of the most recent international conventions.

10. The law on administrative sanctions is of a general nature so as to
serve as a common framework that provides for the possibility of sanctions
in different areas intended to promote respect for the norms, to render them
effective and to protect the public interests.

11. As a whole, these normative efforts form part of broader process aimed
at modernizing further the Vatican legal system with a view to enhancing its
consistency and effectiveness.


[Presentation of the motu proprio by the Secretary for Relations with States
Abp. Dominique Mamberti]

The laws approved by the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State bring
about a broad-ranging normative change, necessary for the function that this
State, entirely

sui generis, is called upon to carry out for the benefit of the Apostolic
See. The original and foundational aim of the Vatican, which consists of
guaranteeing the freedom of the exercise of the Petrine ministry, indeed
requires an institutional structure that, the limited dimensions of the
territory notwithstanding, assumes a complexity in some respects similar to
that of contemporary States.

Established by the Lateran Pacts of 1929, the State adopted the judicial,
civil and penal structures of the Kingdom of Italy in their entirety, in the
conviction that this would be sufficient to regulate the legal relationships
within a State whose reason for existence lies in the support of the
spiritual mission of Peter’s Successor. The original penal system –
constituted by the Italian Penal Code on 30 June 1889 and the Italian Penal
Code of 27 February 1913, in force from 7 June 1929 – has seen only marginal
modifications and even the new law on sources of law (No. 71 of 1 October
2008) confirms the criminal legislation of 1929, while awaiting an overall
redefinition of the discipline.

The most recently approved laws, while not constituting a radical reform of
the penal system, revise some aspects and complete it in other areas,
satisfying a number of requirements. On the one hand, these laws take up and
develop the theme of the evolution of the Vatican judicial structure,
continuing the action undertaken by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010 to prevent and
combat money-laundering and the financing of terrorism. In this regard, the
provisions contained in the 2000 United Nations Convention Against
Transnational Organised Crime, the 1988 United Nations Convention Against
Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, and the 1999
International Convention for the Suppression of Financing of Terrorism, are
to be implemented, along with other conventions defining and specifying
terrorist activity.

The new laws also introduce other forms of crime indicated in various
international conventions already ratified by the Holy See in international
contexts and which will now be implemented in domestic law. Among these
conventions, the following are worthy of mention: the 1984 Convention
Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or
Punishment, the 1965 International Convention on the Elimination of All
Forms of Racial Discrimination, the 1989 International Convention on the
Rights of the Child and the 2000 Optional Protocols, the 1949 Geneva
Conventions on War Crimes, etc. A separate section is dedicated to crimes
against humanity, including genocide and other crimes defined by
international common law, along the lines of the 1998 Rome Statute of the
International Criminal Court. From a substantial point of view, finally,
further items of note are the revision of crimes against the public
administration, in line with the provisions included in the 2003 United
Nations Convention Against Corruption, as well as the abolition of the life
sentence, to be substituted by a maximum custodial sentence of 30 to 35

While many of the specific criminal offences included in these laws are
undeniably new, it would however be incorrect to assume that the forms of
conduct thereby sanctioned were previously licit. These were indeed
punished, but as broader, more generic forms of criminal activity. The
introduction of the new regulations is useful to define the specific cases
with greater certainty and precision and to thus satisfy the international
parameters, calibrating the sanctions to the specific gravity of the case.

Some of the new categories of criminal activity introduced (for instance,
crimes against the security of air or maritime navigation or against the
security of airports or fixed platforms) may appear excessive considering
the geographic characteristics of Vatican City State. However, such
regulations have on the one hand the function of ensuring respect for
international anti-terrorism parameters, and on the other, they are
necessary to ensure compatibility with the condition of so-called “dual
criminality”, to enable the extradition of persons charged or convicted of
crimes committed abroad should they seek refuge in Vatican City State.

Special emphasis is given to the discipline of “civil responsibility of
juridical persons derived from a criminal violation” (arts. 46-51 of the law
containing complementary regulations on criminal matters), introducing
sanctions for juridical persons involved in criminal activities as defined
by the current international legal framework. To this end an attempt has
been made to reconcile the traditionally cautious approach observable also
in the canonical order, according to which “societas puniri non potest” with
the need, ever more evident in the international context, to establish
adequate and deterrent penalties also against juridical persons who profit
from crime. The solution adopted was therefore that of establishing
administrative responsibility of juridical persons, obviously when it is
possible to demonstrate that a crime was committed in the interests of or to
the advantage of that same juridical person.

Significant modifications are introduced also in terms of procedure. These
include: updates in the discipline of requisition, strengthened by measures
regarding the preventative freezing of assets; an explicit statement of the
principles of fair trial within a reasonable time limit and with the
presumption of innocence; the reformulation of regulations regarding
international judicial cooperation with the adoption of the measures
established by the most recent international conventions.

From a technical and regulatory point of view, the plurality of sources
available to experts was organised by means of their combination in a
harmonious and coherent body of legislation which, in the frameworks of the
Church’s magisterium and the juridical-canonical tradition, the principal
source of Vatican law (Art. 1, Para. 1, Law No. 71 on the sources of law, 1
October 2008) takes into account simultaneously the norms established by
international conventions and the Italian juridical tradition, reference to
which has always been made by the Vatican legal order.

In order to better order a legislative work with such broad-ranging content,
it has been drafted as two distinct laws. One brings together all the
legislation consisting of modifications to the penal code and the code of
criminal procedure; the other will instead consist of legislation of a
nature which does not permit a homogeneous section within the code structure
and is therefore gathered in form of a later or complementary penal code.

Finally, the penal reform hitherto presented is completed with the adoption
by the Holy Father Francis of a specific Motu proprio, also bearing
yesterday’s date, which extends the reach of the legislation contained in
these criminal laws to the members, officials and employees of the various
bodies of the Roman Curia, connected Institutions, bodies subordinate to the
Holy See and canonical juridical persons, as well as pontifical legates and
diplomatic staff of the Holy See. This extension has the aim of making the
crimes included in these laws indictable by the judicial organs of Vatican
City State even when committed outside the borders of the state.

Among the laws adopted yesterday by the Pontifical Commission for Vatican
City State there is also the law consisting of general legislation on the
subject of administrative sanctions. This law had already been proposed in
Art. 7, Paragraph 4 of Law 71 on the sources of law of 1 October 2008, and
establishes the general principles and regulation of the application of
administrative sanctions.

For some time there has long been an awareness of the expedience of an
intermediate tertium genus between penal and civil offences, also in
relation to the growing relevance of administrative offences. As a
discipline of principle, the provisions of such a law would be used whenever
another law establishes the imposition of administrative penalties for a
breach of law, no doubt to specify the procedure for their application to
the competent authority and the order of other minor effects.

One of the cornerstones of the system introduced by this law is constituted
by the so-called rule of law, as a result of which administrative sanctions
may be imposed only in cases defined by law. The procedure for
implementation is divided into a phase of investigation and challenge of the
infringement by the competent offices, and a second phase of imposition of
the sanction, which will fall within the competences of the President of the
Governorate. Finally, there will be the right to appeal heard by a single
judge except in more cases of more severe penalties, for which the
jurisdiction of the Court is established.

To conclude this brief presentation, it may be observed that the laws
indicated above are notable not only for their undeniable substantial and
systematic relevance, but also because they represent a further significant
step on the part of the Vatican legislator towards the refinement of its
legal code, necessary to assume and promote the constructive and useful
proposals of the international Community with a view to more intense
international cooperation and a more effective pursuit of the common good.