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Phoenician Spells

by kate of gaia

Where does one begin when exposing the greatest fraud ever placed upon mankind? How does one begin to explain the level of trickery the legal admiralty banking system has foisted upon each and every one of us, but even more so upon themselves? We have a planet at effect to this nonsense but mankind is finally awakening to it though not just on the physical plain level. I have long talked about the yellow brick road magical nature of this place where many are not only seeing this, but are returning to their causal and true nature as the gods we always were but simply forgot. While the vast majority of brilliant minds still tinker in the details where the devil lives, they are missing the fundamental nature of creation itself; sound. This is the Phoenician game of law and one that is based in phonics.
We have all been caught under the spells cast via sigils, letters, numbers and whirreds and have simply forgotten to really listen in this spellbound state. When we speak any language, the nuances and patterns become deeply ingrained where assumption and presumption of the words meanings get lost in the habits we have been so closely trained to accept. It is this very basis that conversations can exist at all. Once we are all well trained to accept the shapes of these sigils, we are then taught to accept very narrow guidelines into their sounds as they are found in words and spellings where one letter sounds entirely different in one word as related to another. For example, a “C” can sound like an “S” or a “K” or even “CH” depending on the word or the language. The point here simply is to make you aware of this programmed way of deliberate left brain acceptance.
In order to break free of the spells, one must first break free of the indoctrinations program that says you cannot sound out a word any other way than how you were programmed to say it or write it lest the teacher give you a great big red “X” on your work. Remember how carefully you were manipulated to shape these sigils and how tightly your mind was woven into only accepting these programmings? Take the word “exception” for example. Since when does “tion” make a “shun” sound? Only since you were told it did, and that was the way it was, no arguments. For the more adept readers or listeners, you are already letting go of these lange-gage or tongue pledge games and seeing and hearing more of what you are really casting as a spell upon yourself and upon others. Let’s take a deeper look into “exception” without all the rules to see what else may be there.
The word exception has three distinct sounds at first listen; Ex-sept-shun. Ex also has the sound of a single letter “X” which opens up a can of worms all by itself. The letter X is the Greek letter Chi which sounds like Key and Quay or can be pronounced Che as in cheetah. X is also the sigil for ther Roman numeral 10 where the one can easily be mistaken for an “I” which sounds like eye, aye, ai, igh etc. Are you now starting to get the picture of the depth of hidden paths that are missed based on how rigid we have been shaped through the schooling systems yet? So, when you have the sound “ex” in a word, what can be assumed or presumed? The true and easy answer is that anything and everything can be assumed and presumed by the one you are talking to. How many times have you said something and meant it one way yet the receiver of those words took them all the wrong way?

This is the power of divide and conquer on the most subtle level in our day to day lives where the courts, lawyers, cops and judges take this assumption and presumption to a whole new level of corruption of intent. Anyone who thinks they can go in and verbally argue with someone who will assume and presume whatever they want to insure they get the desired intent they seek and, to make the speaker guilty, is a fool of babble on. The magic contained within the magistrates is all about sound and nothing else. This is why it must be spelled out for them with our intent far beyond the limited definitions laid out in a book one of their team wrote.
I could write an essay on the letter X alone so let’s move on to the second syllable/cy-label/scylla-bull shall we? Sept is the French spelling of the number 7 or “god” number. This one opens a case of canned worms all by itself. Eta is the 7th letter of the Greek Alphabet and shows as an upper case H and lower case n. Magically, many layers are exposed. H in French is pronounced “ash” and is mainly silent in the French language. Indeed, silence is golden. There is a literal book that can be written on this sound but I want to show the last part of the word exception to present the rule breaking approach that is needed to re-intend the word via the sound pronunciation back into a more naturally sounding state. The “tion” part now has another syllable in Ti-on and yet one more in T-ion. So, with the standard programming we are not only led to believe that regardless of what we think the letter sounds like, in their game that really doesn’t matter now does it? I just agreed with that and made up my own rules of play more in line with the original diversionary tactics.
In my playbook, music factors in along with numbers etc. and pretty much anything goes. What I have found are the remarkable “coincidences” when one begins to see the truer meanings of the hidden bits where I can see/hear how easy it was to get us creating for someone else via phonics/phoenix/phoenician laws. Every single word that can be defined within the body of a word factors into that word and the sum of the parts becomes far greater than the whole, thus the power of lexigrams. Black’s law has lexigrammars listed in the credits as to compiling contributors. Anyone else think that that isn’t a coincidence or is it just me that notices these things? Every single sigil has numerous sounds and even more so when combined with other sigils. I have been asked countless times to compile a dictionary or book relating to this subject but that would take this lifetime and a few others to do that where it is only important that one gets the concept of what I am sharing regarding the structure of the spellings. I am only concerned with how they were established where everything we say could be used against us in our ignorance of using someone else’s creation.
I’ll share a few of the basics that I instantly resonate with when I am conversing with anyone in spoken or written word. The written word is far easier to spot the other intentions and it takes some practice to start to hone in on the subtlety of the sounds given that most of us “shortcut” words where a word like “trader” sounds exactly the same as “traitors” where we never enunciate properly and merely glaze over sounds via habits and pure laziness. Such is the reason as to why I rant so often about people wanting truth NOW like a drive thru window service. People need to learn to simply breathe and learn patience. Impatience is a direct proof of left brain monkey chattering. We all need to take the time to pause where the left brain/Cain has been our master for far too long.

You will never pick up on these subtleties until you allow your creative right access and it is completely barred from your awareness with your mind cluttered with left brain “look how clever I am” shite on permanent puke mode. As I mentioned, there are a few key sounds/spellings that my radar is always set to and I find myself stripping words in real time because I have formed new habits where the programmed phonetics rules are removed where my intention is the master, not the slave. People, for the most part, have no idea about grammar, the prefixes, suffixes, etc. because that is not something heavily focused on in their mind control school centers. First, we have to learn to cast aside all the rules and I do mean all of them. Here’s an example using a favourite word of mine. Pay attention to how the meanings can be shifted into assuming or presuming whatever you want based on the many layers contained within one simple word like physical. There are three distinct sounds of “phi”, “psi” and “cull”. Remember, we are lazy in our enunciation and it is this that is phonetically critical given that universes are created and destroyed with sound.
Now, let’s play with the sound layers. “Phi” or “phy” is sounded with the “I” as it is found in “fit” where I changed the sound to sound like the “y” in “cry”. The same sound applies in the second syllable “psi/sigh/cy”. Phi is the 21st (god) Greek letter and is the letter used for the phi ratio of creation, the golden mean of 1.618 and “psi” is the 23rd (spirit/mind) Greek letter. The word is rounded out where we say “cull” in relation to “cle”, not even remotely similar phonically. The standard sound we use for “physical” can be spelled “fizz-i-cull”. By now you’ll start to see why a dictionary of phonics based words would take literally forever. The good news is that there are a few sounds that show up en masse so it doesn’t take long to see the magic once you slow your left brain enough to absorb this.
I will now confuse the living shit out of you to illustrate the phonics and why you have no idea as to what you’re really saying until now and how humanity has been owned by these Phoenician traitors/traders. I’m just going to list the phonic/spelling variants but keep in mind that every letter has its own alphabet sound too. P, h, y, s, i, c, a, l, ph(f), h can be silent, y, as in yellow, phi, fie, fy, psi, sigh, -cy, cy-, sickle, sick-l, sick-cull, cle’ (cles, in French, means key and the “s” is silent), psyche, fizz, fies (mild disgust), pies, cycle, etc…..starting to see and hear the picture now? With one word, an entire dictionary must be opened to define a myriad of words and that’s not including the lexigrams where the letters can all be rearranged into completely new words and sounds. This is why silence is golden and what we are saying must be spelled out for this psychotic system. Regardless, the mere fact that this has been uncovered is all the concept that one needs to get to bring in their intent versus being completely spellbound.
In the simplest of terms, I like to stick to the obvious ones to show people how to begin peeling layers off themselves. Again, it is only the concept that one has to click on where we’ll leave the details to the devil, Scylla, and toss those into the deep blue sea, Charybdis. Is it a coincidence that our words have Scylla-Bulls or that the spirit made flesh is Ka-ribbed-is? Ka is the Egyptian word for the embodiment of spirit and is a key sound I listen for. I think everyone needs to brush up on the basics of English regarding synonyms, homonyms and antonyms are concerned non? When you begin to see the real magic, you will become a whole lot less stressed out knowing you were right all along about this place being magical like you did when you were a pre-corrupted child.

Anytime I see or hear combos like ka, caw, cau, le, el, l, ra, re, is (ice), se, ce (say), I see root meanings, not literal ones and they all have a much more significant meaning. This is why it is nearly impossible to codify (code-I-fie(disgust)) the English language because it incorporates all the sounds using borrowed sounds and meanings from all languages. It is only important that one catches on to these intricacies without feeling the need to be an expert since it is YOUR intention that carries once this spell has been spotted with your own “aha” moment. So, on the surface, physical becomes phi (creation), psi (spirit/mind), cull (to harvest) or that to me, the word physical is defined as the harvesting of our spiritual creative ability. It is also not a coincidence that any of the so-called officials like to be called honour-able because they are actually doing that if one can see how they pull it off in phonics. A very important aspect that you have to adopt is one of no vengeance or anger because that will only cloud your ability to see things from a neutral position (positive-ion).
I really want to keep this essay as shorty as possible so as not to overwhelm your left brain that is likely on fire right now but you will notice (not-is, since a “c” can take on all forms and sounds of “s”) you are being more creative in your seeing and hearing which is bringing your right, creative brain to bear/bare. I would suggest just spending a bit of time with a few words to see how they sound when you break all the programmed rules so deeply ingrained since the first day of school. A few simple terms to see are suffixes like –hood, -ment, -cy or ship which all mean “mind/spirit” and it doesn’t matter how you think a word used to sound or look, only that you look far deeper than your programs have allowed you to see. Here are a few words as I see and hear them to see if this resonates with you. Decipher or de, to undo or of, ci/sigh/cy, of mind and spirit and fur, animal hide or fer as in ferrous or iron/red/eoptions. Are you starting to get the depth of this web-sters yet?
“Ster” is star or divine feminine creative essence or the right brain where “regis” means to rule from Latin. Another thing I always notice is the placement of the letter “n” since that letter simply means to make something yours, it’s a possessive letter once added to the front of a word to separate vowels or vow-Els with El being the same concept as the power of intent in creation to create something. It worked something like this. Today we say “an egg” where it used to be spelled like “a negg” and the “n” just moved to the “legal left” brain where right is “lawful rite” where I choose to sit in between those worlds. I am center just-i-fied. If one is seeking justice they are phonically seeking just-is and should therefore be happy with their choice but then, that wasn’t your intent now was it? Up until this point it could be safely assumed and presumed you were only wanting what just is and weren’t you not given that phonetically misspelled to you? Alas, you weren’t working in Phoenician law now were you?
This is a game of universal honour where all is fair in love and war make no mistake about it but the good news is, you are beginning to see the trickery of creation itself and that was always and will always be based in sound. It suffices that you only see the nature of the spell and how anything you say can and will be used against you and quite effectively. Do you now see why? I could write an entire library of works on every word but the truth is, it was only the tricks of the matrix/patrix we have to expose and become the neu-trix on the block. Mother tricks, father tricks and new tricks where old dogs had better become puppies again lest their chosen by assumption masters continue to beat them. I’m hoping that you can tune into the shows where I not only read these on air but I expand on the concepts to give people a better understanding of how this reality really works.
In order to rise from the ashes, the phoe must be nixed. For me, that’s the true order of the Phoenix or phonix/phonics since an “e” is usually silent anyway. While you may be reeling a bit from this information, take heart because it is far simpler than you think and that again is the trouble with the left brain; it wants to figure out everything even when there is no figuring out to be done. I constantly remind people to just breathe and let the seeds take root and that can only happen when you can shut down your monkey left brain that has been mined for too long. Here are a few key words/sounds with how I see and hear them: I am sound only motivated
Ra/re/ri/ = sun of, light of god
Ka, ca, cau, = spirit/mind embodiment
Se’,say, ce, = herself, himself, itself or the trinity of creations parts
P, R , rho, roe, row = spirit breath, creation itself
X, ex, ecs, ecks = 10, IO the goddess, chi, key, quay, chee, cles (french for key), on/off binary, sperm/egg, penis/vagina etc.
El, elle, L, U (int’l sym-bull for electricity/intent/masculine), = the power of intent into the void or the mother sound “Ma-sonic” made manifest.
I could list dozens more but one thing I have noticed is that all things return to the divine feminine inasmuch as the masculine electrical can only move using feminine electrons. Without the womb of is-is, the masculine is effectively impotent, not I’m-potent. This is where the impossible becomes the fully I’m-possible. A great teacher once said that god is light, which is only a higher vibration of sound, that you are light and that you are gods. My take on that is quite simple really; be careful what/watt you/ewe wish for and start acting responsible/re-spawns-abel and be mind-less versus mind-full or you’ll be at effect to another’s cause/Ka-se/caw/crow-n, my crow ka’ing for you/Ka-au-se etc….

mwahs and love, sharing more soon, kate of gaia…